Statute of Limitations Does Mean SOL

I guess we need to start sending the general ledger detail in with the Incurred Cost Proposal….


The government argues that its claim could not have accrued before 1 August 2013, when CLX provided the General Ledger detail showing the patent legal costs to the DCAA (gov’t br. at 4). Diane Chang, a DCAA auditor, provided an affidavit in which she states that DCAA requested the General Ledger detail from CLX on 24 July 2013 and received it on 1 August 2013 (Chang aff. ~~ 4-5). Ms. Chang also states that she has searched the DCAA files and did not find General Ledger detail anywhere in CLX’s 13 August 2008 submission. She further states that the only information CLX provided on legal costs prior to 1 August 2013 was the single line item identifying only generic “legal services” in the amount of $89, 196. (Id., ~~ 6-7)

Based on the foregoing, we cannot conclude that the government had any reason to anticipate that CLX would claim reimbursement for patent legal costs in 2007. CLX has not met its burden of proving that the government’s claim accrued on 13 August 2008 or at any other time before DCAA received the underlying General Ledger detail on 1 August 2013. Cf Combat Support Associates, ASBCA Nos. 58945, 58946, 14-1 BCA ~ 35,782, vacated on other grounds on recon., slip op., 16 March 2015 (government claim did not arrive at time of initial incurred cost submission, but only after supporting data was submitted from which it could conclude that certain claimed costs were unallowable). We hold that the government’s claim is not barred.

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