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One quick note about the contractor is described in the previous article, how I described their critical technology, and the…

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The Birth, Life, and Death of a Small Business Contractor

    Part One – The Illegitimate Birth   One of my clients is a small government contractor in the…

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Wait a Moment

As pointed out by Ken Bricker, DCAA has announced that they are all caught up on incurred cost submission and…

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17-2 Costs Related to Extraordinary Reviews of Unsettled Overhead Costs

One of the probably unforeseen outcomes of DCAA’s decision to spin off Chapter Seven of the Contract Audit Manual (CAM)…

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DCAA Publishes New Cost Guidance

DCAA published “75” chapter new guide tying into FAR 31.205 on their website. I say “75” chapters because many of them…

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It is all About Control

One note to my post yesterday “Some of the Strange Things Contractors Say“: You want to control your business, your…

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Just What is a Subcontractor?

At a recent conference an audience member asserted that the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) did not define subcontractors and she…

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Support the Audit and Stand Up for Your Rights

A recent CBCA case (CBCA 3407) brings up a couple of critical issues relevant to small government contractors. To abridge,…

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Overhead Part One

  Do you really need this pool? One common headache small business contractors create for themselves is adopting too many…

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