Kevin Miyashiro

CEO TeraSys Technologies

You won’t find anyone more passionate and experienced in dealing with the intricacies of DCAA than Steve. Steve helped us successfully navigate our first incurred cost audit and come out with our sanity intact

In my travels, Steve holds a greater breadth of background and experience with DCAA issues than most accountants, and I would include many DCAA employees as well.

Steve has a particularly interesting perspective in that he prides himself on not only helping his client (the business) finish audits, but also to do whatever he can to guide the auditors on best practices and interpretations of the FAR. With us, he’s got a client for life.


Tom Kane


In spring 2013 Steve Avery of DCAA Compliance guided me through the process of setting up our accounting system and getting it approved by the DCAA’s Albuquerque office. We’re a small LLC and we use QuickBooks.

The total process from our first contact with Steve to DCAA approval took less than four months. Steve and I got started with a couple of face-to-face meetings, and then most of our interaction was by e-mail, phone or skype. Steve then helped me prepare for the DCAA audit, and attended all of the audit meetings.

Steve is extremely knowledgeable in this field, and explained everything clearly to me – and I’m an engineer, not an accountant. He looked over our pre-existing accounting system, and told us where we would have to change, but also found ways to adapt his “generic” system to our specific needs and style of business. We worked together to create and document an accounting system based on QuickBooks that works for us and satisfies the DCAA.

I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Steve Avery as a “guide” through the DCAA approval process. And you definitely do need a guide!”

Lance Errickson

CFO Stone Lion Environmental

Steve Avery has been a vital asset to Stone Lion Environmental, LLC (Stone Lion) over the past seven years. Our finances and overall business vitality is attributed to the diligence Steve has shown in his accuracy and care of our company taxes and expenses. Steve has shown his vast knowledge in the area of business and corporate management and has helped Stone Lion stay on course in the business community. Stone lion anticipates many years of future work with Steve Avery and a healthy company foundation to go with it.

Ted Siomporas

President Acquisition Associates, Inc.

For the past 1/2 dozen years, I have been dealing with Steve Avery, a.k.a. Steve Avery himself has produced outstanding results when teamed with my firm in getting accounting systems off-the-ground for emerging firms to attain DCAA approvals (primarily accounting and estimating systems and forward price rates) and some CAS issues for a large company client. As example, Avery created an accounting system for a firm which I had helped establish, which won a $35 million Air Force CPFF contract. Steve was able to attain DCAA approval of the accounting systems in about a month from inception. Steve Avery has been cost effective in two ways:(1) able to cut the b.s. and (2) get to the meat of issues in sometimes hours, no more than a few days, instead of the typical weeks.

Jim Goltz

Previously; VP Finance, Energy and Environment Sector, Lockheed Martin Corp.

Quadratech Group is a spinoff from Lockheed Martin Corp. As a medium sized company we don’t always have the in-house resources needed to comply with some of the very technical aspects of DoD requirements. Steve worked with us over a number of years managing some very complex reconciliations and negotiations between us, LMC and the Government needed for final rate negotiations and the submission of the required Incurred Cost Proposals. His knowledge of the rules and practices earned the respect of the staff members of all parties.